Staying in B & B Accommodation

Bed and Breakfast accommodation can be a wonderful alternative to staying in a hotel while on your vacation or traveling in general. Almost any destination town you select within the UK will have some sort of B & B accommodation option that you can choose to spend your stay.A definite advantage and draw to a Bed and Breakfast, is that your stay will feel more like that of visiting friends in their home rather than staying in a hotel. Hotels tend to be extremely formal, and often extremely uniform. A Bed and Breakfast has more of a home like atmosphere, often because the B & B is someone’s home. In many cases the proprietors of the Bed and Breakfast will also live in it. They will simply own a larger house than meets their personal needs, and will rent out rooms to travelers who are in need of a place to stay while they are in town. Bed and Breakfasts are generally decorated like they are someone’s home, and have much more character to them than your traditional travel accommodations.A guest house can offer you all of the comforts and luxuries of staying in some of the finest hotels, while keeping your stay small and intimate in a home like atmosphere of a Bed and Breakfast. Guest houses are often preferred by vacationers for their home like appearance. Especially, if you plan on staying in a particular location for several weeks, a Bed and Breakfast can often be a much more comfortable stay than a stay in a hotel for which you would pay a comparable rate.At a guest house you also have the opportunity to dine on a home cooked meal. B & B’s are sometimes famous for the great cooking which is prepared usually by a visitor’s request by the proprietor of the Bed and Breakfast or in some cases the guest house’s cook. Unlike other establishments that are cooking for a great number of people, a Bed and Breakfast is only preparing food in some cases for you and your travel companions. Depending on the Bed and Breakfast you choose mealtime can often be a time where you can get to know other people who are traveling and staying in the B & B as well, and can be a good time for you to sit down and get to know the people behind the house that you are currently staying in.Many guest house’s will also allow you to bring you pets along with you. If you’re traveling with a pet companion then this can often be invaluable. Bed and Breakfast’s since they are located in a home, will often have a decent amount of yard space in addition to their home that would allow you to allow you pet some access to the outdoors and exercise rather than spending their days cooped up in a small hotel room.A Bed and Breakfast can make where you stay during your travel a personal affair. At a B & B you are going to have direct contact with the people who operate where you are staying. Since the guest list at a Bed and Breakfast is almost always small you will be able to get more specialized attention for your needs, and have less people to worry about dealing with within your accommodations. Often times you will become friends with the owners and proprietors of your favorite guest house, contact them on the off season while your at home, and look forward to coming back to visit them during your other travels to the area.Copyright 2005 S Wander

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