Disney World Vacations – The Family Travel Capital of the World

Disney World TravelDisney World is a magical place that has something for

everyone to enjoy and makes it OK for you to feel like a kid

again. As you pass through the gates of Magic Kingdom, you enter

a world of adventure and imagination. The Main Street is lined

with picturesque stores, bursting with toys and candy. The sky

is peppered with helium balloons in the shapes of your favorite

characters and the streets are filled with people eager to

experience everything around them. Just ahead you see

Cinderella’s castle and suddenly you feel like you’ve been

transported into the storybook world.Although the memories of Disney’s classic stories come tumbling in, you

become aware of everything there is to eat, see and do while you’re here. It’s a

good idea to grab a map and mark what you have to see, what you really want to

see, and what you’d like to see. Disney is working hard at eliminating line

times so make sure you take advantage of the fast passes. You’ll enjoy

everything a lot more if you’re not running from one end of the park to the

other. Remember that this is suppose to be a place where you leave your troubles

behind.There are four main areas within the park. The first is Magic Kingdom. With

classics like Dumbo and the Swiss Family Tree House, it’s a great place to start

your experience. It’s also home to the Haunted Mansion, which isn’t too scary,

and Space Mountain, which is. Next, there’s Epcot Center. Its purpose is to

celebrate the many wonders and cultures around the globe. The pavilions are

quite interesting. The best ride is the Test Track. Being one of the longest and

fastest rides in Disney makes it a must. You actually feel like you’re racing on

a track. The third area is MGM Studios is a salute to the world of showbiz. And

its best salute is to the Twilight Zone. The Tower of Terror is by far one of

the best experiences to be had at Disney. From beginning to end you’ll love it

so much that you’ll do it again and again. Another great ride is the Rock ‘n’

Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. With some of their greatest hits getting you

pumped up, you get a rush of a lifetime zooming along the track. Last but not

least is Animal Kingdom. A storybook come to life, you’ll enjoy wandering

through the sites and sounds it has to offer. A great show not to be missed is

‘It’s tough to be a Bug’. This 3-D experience is fun for kids and adults alike.

Just watch out for the spiders.Included in the Disney Family are two water parks – Blizzard Beach and

Typhoon Lagoon. Both have fantastic water slides, games and ways to cool down in

the hot Florida sun. And just when you think that Disney couldn’t offer you

anything more, you come across Downtown Disney. It’s packed with great

restaurants, stores and shows making it the perfect way to end an exciting day.Disney World really has everything to make a vacation dream come true. Who

knows, maybe you’ll even meet some of your favorite pals as you were growing up.

And somehow your favorites have become your kids’ favorites. It’s then you

realize how great

Disney World really is.Visit:

http://www.TravelByCity.com/Disney/Disney-World/ for more information

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